Are you getting enough traffic & sales from your website?

If the answer is NO, then read on.

One of the best ways to FIX this PROBLEM

is via Facebook Advertising

But it can seem REALLY HARD when you are not sure where to start

But is doesn't need to be hard

You CAN get set up with Facebook Advertising and

MAKE 2018 your best online year ever.

It's the biggest advertising network on the planet.

It's how you get seen by the right people.

1.86 Billion monthly users can't be wrong - so how can you join them?

With changes to the Facebook algorithm*** preventing your valuable followers from seeing your content

your business needs to start using the 

No 1 resource that all successful small businesses use


*** Yep, Facebook throttles your normal content and places an emphasis on people seeing content from friends and family.
How do you beat this? 

Smart advertising inside Facebook & Instagram is how

Now you might be thinking, 

but I'm using Facebook Ads already and they are not working. 

I know that sucky feeling!

I see so many small biz owners who feel exactly the same way as you. 

They say

What's the point of all these followers, none of them buy from me.

People never like my posts, I feel like I am talking to noone.

I'm boosting posts, but I don't know what happens next.

I am such a technophobe, I have no idea where to start with Facebook Ads

Help is at hand

About your Guide - Leanne O'Sullivan

"Understanding how to correctly use Facebook advertising is a game changer for business. I would love to share these insights with you and help you get the results that we have had. I fill my webinars and sell my courses via Facebook ads and all the extra add ons, you can too!"

Leanne O'Sullivan,
Digital Strategist and Chief Sherpa at the Summit School with Leanne O

As a digital strategist, I have been sharing my knowledge of all things digital for 18 years. Together with my husband,  we grew a Digital Agency from small beginnings as a web design firm in our garage, to a multi site team with 20 staff.

During that time I have

  • worked with loads of small business owners helping them shape and implement their online marketing activities and
  • taught hundreds of students in my online client only webinars letting them in on all all my tips & tactics about what works in the online space as well as
  • had loads of hands on experience in design, coding, social media, search marketing and so much more

  • you think your computer skills SUCK
  • you think you are as creative as your little finger
  • you're worried you won't know how to put it all together
  • you think everything will cost a huge amount of money
  • you think you need hours and hours of time you don't have
  • you have been burnt by Facebook advertising in the past, but are ready to go again

Who is this training for?

  • ANY Small business owner - yes it is for ALL of you who want to sell more online (even if you then outsource the work to someone else, know what you are asking for)
  • Marketers or Social Media managers looking to increase their client offerings and wanting to start being able to create Facebook ad campaigns for their clients. ( Yes I am teaching you my secrets and what I do for my clients)
  • DIY Entrepreneurs

You can successfully complete this course even if

Start your Facebook advertising strategy the right way. Learn how to nuture your prospects by sharing your best content first

Learn the number one secret all FB Ad gurus know - Testing.  Understand Facebook reports and what to look for so that you don't waste money.

Understand Facebook Adverts Manager

Sending it LIVE

A step by step walkthrough to get you set up

Small Business Strategy

Creating Campaigns, Ad Sets & Adverts

Learn the tech friendly way how to embed your Facebook Pixel into your website

The Facebook Pixel

What do we cover?

Defining your Audience

Understand the 3 audience types inside Facebook - Custom, Lookalike and Saved and what to use when.

Follow my step by step Facebook Framework approach to create a great converting ad.

How to send your campaign live plus budget tips and benchmarks to watch out for in your industry. 

Understanding the various types of Facebook campaign types and how to choose the right one at the right time for your business.

Tweak, Test & Review

Planning your objective

Sign up now and Access the training immediately

Happy to DIY everything?

Then you just need the Facebook Frontier Anytime ACCESS program

Prefer to pay monthly?

Signup here for my monthly payment plan

All prices AUD

All prices AUD

Leanne's Facebook Frontier Advertising course was a real winner for us in terms of quickly finding our target customer and more importantly driving conversions & sales to our APP. We quickly saw a significant return on investment once we got the fundamentals right. Leanne's approach is to make sure we get the key steps right first and provides a clear framework to then just do it. 

Jo Otto, Director - Maths Rockx

For a not-for-profit organisation we are extra careful about how we spend our budget so when I saw Facebook Frontier advertising ecourse I thought it would be a really good way to learn more about Facebook advertising without outlaying thousands of dollars. What I got from the course was so much more than helpful tips. 

 Leanne started with the fundamentals of marketing, showed us how to build a simple strategy and more importantly, showed us how to understand what ads were working and what didn't so that you could focus the advert spend in the right place. 

 I learn't such a huge amount during those 3 weeks (at my own pace) and realised that the world of FB advertising goes way beyond the 'boost page' icon. I cannot begin to say how worthwhile this course was to our organisation.

Kim Seccombe, DREAM Festival

What others say...

I thought I was doing a pretty good job of promoting my retail store on social media (despite what my teenage children say) until I undertook Facebook Frontier training with Leanne.

Even though I’ve got the branding sorted, can take a half decent photo and throw in a few words - I really had no idea just how complex the marketing machine behind Facebook advertising is.

Leanne has helped me to understand some of the key methods in drilling down and targeting specific audiences in a way that actually produces a result.

I now have increased confidence in my ability to keep my small business from drowning in the vast sea of content we all contend with every day out there - so that I can feel positive about the future of my business and my ability to compete online no matter what pops up next.

Elizabeth McAllister - Central Stores

How does the course run?

  • The course is conducted online
  • The program takes 4 weeks to complete - but you can access ALL material immediately and fasttrack your learning
  • Follow along at your own pace with my extensive video training library
  • Take action with workbook activities 
  • Join in weekly Facebook LIVE sessions (for as long as you stay in our FB group)
  • Leverage your training with a personalised & recorded 60 min one-on-one session with me, where we discuss just your ads, account & business. 

You can expect to spend around 2 hours per week on the course material, learning the set material and  completing the appropriate tasks, as well as researching your niche and business.

You will have access to the material for the lifetime of the course as well as membership of our private Facebook group to ask me questions quickly and to brainstorm with your fellow classmates. 

I am live in our Facebook group each week, as well as posting accountability prompts inside the group Monday to Friday so you will continue to be able to reach out to me with your questions, long after the course has finished. 

Do you offer refunds?

What if I can't complete the course on time?

Will Facebook advertising work for my business, I do not have a big budget.

Whilst the course runs live for 4 weeks from the 6/11, you have access to the training material for the life of the program. 

This also means that when I update the course to keep up to date with Facebook, you will have access to that new material. Many students revisit the course each time I run a live round to either finish the course from last time OR just keep updating their skills to keep pace with Facebook. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

I am not very technical, will I be able to keep up?

I am really busy, can you fast track the training?

Yes, that is what I am here for, to help you learn the new material.  I provide plenty of  videos and step by step instructions that guide you through each lesson.  The course is designed for small business owners, not web developers or or graphic designers. If you have  been using Facebook for while,  you are comfortable creating images to use in your business, you have been uploading images and creating posts, maybe even boosting them, this course is perfect for you. 

Is there an exam? Do I need to hand anything in?

How is the course delivered?

I am not terribly creative either!  Facebook does like you to do anything to fancy with images, so you essentially just need to be able to source images. I teach a process inside the course my Facebook Framework which walks you through all of the points you need to cover off when creating your ads.  Being creative is not what you need to worry about, understanding your ideal customer is more important.

The course is conducted online. All course material, worksheets, notes etc will be provided to you during the course of the program. There will be opportunity to talk to be regularly via zoom classrooms (also online) our private Facebook group as well as the discussion area within the course itself. 

Of course it does, in fact many Facebook gurus (myself included!) recommend that you advertise continuously inside Facebook from as little as $1 per day, to constantly and consistently grow your reach and audience. 

My business is very new and I do not have a Facebook page as yet, is this course for me?

The training has been designed to be drip fed, which means that material is released each week only to allow for people to read it, digest it and do it. It is very much something that works best for people who want to dive in and get learning.  As well as interact with me and their fellow classmates in the online program along the way. If you really are too busy, maybe now is not the time to signup for you. 

I prefer to work with people who want to make a change to their business bottom line and know that they can do that themselves with help and support - ie they are keen action takers. So if you are a bit of a serial course attender and maybe not so good on the course completing side of things, maybe this course is not for you. 

No, this course is best suited for people who already have a Facebook page for their business.

Yes I do offer a refund, however I ask that you must advise me via email that you wish to cancel the course within the first 7 days of starting. 

I am not very creative, will this course work for me?

There are no exams. This is business not school,  so if you think that you are going to be expected to pass a test or hand in work, feel relieved! Of course there is work that I set as part of the course itself, work that is designed to cement your learning, get your hands dirty and start implementing what you are learning in your business straight away.  I am also very happy to take a look at anything you are putting together.  Honest - it really will be my pleasure to do that, feedback is what all educators crave!

What are you waiting for - START NOW

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